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Dan Jeeves, Motorpoint Service Manager says: Motorpoint Peterborough the largest used and new car sales centre in the area. We highly recommend Peterborough Trim Repairs for all smart repairs, such as scratches, scuffs, vinyl repair, alloy wheel refurbishment and paintless dent removal. The quality of repair comes second to none. Motorpoint Peterborough have been thoroughly impressed with the quality and cost of repair. Having used many other smart repair companies, Peterborough Trim Repairs have by far exceeded our expectations. Many thanks to Chris and Steve for all their excellent hard work they put in.

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Protectacoat says: Chris from Peterborough Trim Repairs has been repairing the interior and exterior bodywork on our vehicles for the past six years. We have been 100% satisfied with the service he has given and we are happy to recommend his services.

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Chris Hamilton, Partner at Reynopoly says: We as a company have had a number of cars and vans repaired by Chris and his team and must say you would never know the repair had been done. Fast, efficient courteous service would recommend them, and have done so to other people who have been entirely satisfied.

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John Charlesworth, Managing Director of JMTC says: As importers of vehicles from various worldwide locations we suffer from occasional transit damage both outside and inside the vehicles. After discovering Peterborough Trim five years ago we have used them exclusively. The staff are all bodywork specialists and the results speak for themselves. I have no hesitation in recommending their services. You will be amazed by the speed of their response and the quality of their workmanship.

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Ian Joyce LDV Franchise Manager says: We continue to be very impressed with the body repair work and inside trim repairs carried out by Peterborough Trim Repairs and have used them for many years. Excellent service at competitive prices.

Mr. Burrell of Peterborough says: Peterborough Trim Repairs repaired my Porsche Boxter. The rear flexible window in the hood was cracked. This was replaced and now looks like new. I had a number of dents and scuffs around the car which all were repaired as good as a new. Porsche had quoted me thousands to put the car right. Peterborough Trim repaired the car for a fraction of that and I am delighted. Chris was a bit bothered that the colour might be a struggle to match, but I literally cannot see the join!

John from Werrington says: I scraped the side of my Renault Megane on a gatepost. Peterborough Trim had to paint the rear door and wing. I am delighted with the result - Good as New. Thanks Chris, a great job.

Ian Buddle - Buddle Insurance Consultants says:  We would like to express our thanks for the excellent repairs and paint work to our vehicle. You would never know it had been damaged. Also we were so impressed with the polite and courteous way you treated both myself and my wife. She says she would have no worries phoning you for help! Our clients have also said how pleased they have been with your services and the costs. We would have no hesitation in recommending you and the services you offer.

Mr. McDonald of Werrington says: I have used PTR for 2 years now. for my repairs. They have repaired scratches + dents on my Picasso. I have just brought a new Fiat Punto (Metallic Blue) and within days gained a dent on my drivers door. The main dealer wanted about £700 + VAT to spray the whole side of the car. Chris had a look and he said that he could get 95% of the dent out without painting. He managed to get what he called 98% of the dent out, although to me it is totally invisible! Cost was £40 + VAT, not a bad saving and my paint is still original. To see the results click here: Before & After. (Please remember after viewing the photograph to use your Web Browser's Back Button to return to where you were!)

Mr. Conquest from Longthorpe says: I can thoroughly recommends P. Boro Trim. Chris and Steve have mended my cars, my sons, daughters and friends. They have even mended a hole in my sons expensive new garage door. My daughter brought a black Alfa Romeo which really looked a mess with about 20 dents down the sides. Chris got them all out without any painting and the car now looks great.

Mr. Last from Longthorpe says: I have known Chris for 20 years. He always gives unbiast, honest advice and help. He has mended my cars and quite a few of my friends and work colleagues. They have all be delighted. Every job he does seems to be ready on time at the price agreed and the repairs are invariably invisible.

Mr. French from Peterborough says: PTR have repaired my car and my wife's on a number of occasions. The last time I damaged the side of my new Volvo quite badly. As the repair cost was going to be pretty high and I had protected no claims, I put in an Insurance claim at Chris's suggestion. The Insurance company accepted the estimate and instructed PTR to repair the damage. The job only took 48 hours and was absolutely invisible. I would be very happy to recommend them to anybody. Thanks to Chris and Steve.

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