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Cigarette burns can be repaired cosmetically. This is an inexpensive repair to be done before sale or lease return and cannot be sold as a durable fix. Mobile phone holes, etc can be often fixed or improved again inexpensively and quickly.

Trim Shop
At Peterborough Trim Repairs we have our own Trimmer and Upholsterer. We can repair or replace sections in seats where they may have suffered wear and tear of been burnt.

Leather Restoration
We are also able to feed, restore and colour your tired leather back to an acceptable standard.

Leather Supply & Fit
If you would like your interior trimmed in leather, we can often help. This is only suitable for newer cars as the cost is approximately around the 1000 to 1500 mark. Not worthwhile on many older cars in our opinion.

For more information about any of the services we offer, please click here to go to our easy to use on-line eForm where you can ask questions and even upload photographs if required.

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