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We'll help you get the perfect match:

One of only a 100 body shops in the UK to have this state of the art colour matching technology, Peterborough Trim Repairs really understands how essential it is to get a perfect colour match every time. So we can offer you the industry's most sophisticated system of colour tools from Akzo Nobel. These 'state-of-the-art'-tools allow us to get a superior colour match, faster and easier than ever before.

Sikkens Automatchic 3: Catch the colour, the smart way.
The major challenge in car refinishing is achieving 100% colour accuracy. Automatchic 3 is the new colour checking device that makes colour matching faster and easier than ever. Equipped with state of the art LED technology, colour accuracy is improved by helping us with optimal positioning and preventing interference from external light sources. A quick calibration process and easy operation ensure perfect, reliable results in less time. With Automatchic 3, we can easily find the best colour formulas for any car on the road. »»» Download brochure.

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Mixit Pro: Catch the colour at the touch of a button.
Peterborough Trim Repairs knows colour match is the number one thing that collision repair centres strive for when refinishing a vehicle. Mixit was one of the industry's first computerized formula retrieval systems, and MixitPro on-line gives Peterborough Trim Repairs access to tens-of-thousands of the latest car colour formulas in the Akzo Nobel global colour database in real time.

Formulas for colours and variants can be easily accessed. As an online solution, MixitPro provides faster formula updates than any conventional system. Due to its step-by-step help function, searching and finding the right colour is fast and easy.  »»» Download brochure.

To maximize investments and minimize waste, this user-friendly system allows Peterborough Trim Repairs to specify and mix the exact amount of paint required to meet the needs of the job. Also, Mixit Pro supports you with a range of reporting functions. This includes consumption analysis, access to recalculated mixes and reporting of material cost per job.

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